Great camera for anyone who is wanting to learn more about digital photography.

Best Product Sony NEX 5NK 18 55mm f3 5 5 6 Tripod

Sony NEX 5NK 18 55mm f3 5 5 6 Tripod

I bought this camera after looking at many different digital SLRs. I’ve had it for about three weeks now, and I don’t regret the purchase. Too much. I’ll get into that. First, the best things about it.

-It’s a great beginner camera, with auto getting just the right conditions, and with a manual mode for those who want to really get personal with the picture.
-Speaking of modes, it’s loaded with them for every situation you might be faced with.
-Came with TWO lenses. The kit lens matches the color of the camera, which is great, and the 50-200mm is a wonderful addition for those who want to stand back from everything while still capturing it.
-The in-camera digital filters are great for tweaking your photos. I really like the subtract color and toy camera filters myself.
-The built-in flash is plenty fine for beginning photography and the occasional night-time shot.
-SD card storage means no card readers and compact flash cards, another plus for beginners.
-Nice strap, easy on the neck.
-Is a K-mount camera. Pentax has made K lenses for a few decades, and they all will fit any K mount body made. Invest in some antique glass if you can.
-Has live-view on the back screen, a true advantage for digital cameras these days.
-Now, this could be a pro AND a con, but it takes four AA batteries. As long as your batteries are rated at 2300 mAs or higher, you should be alright. Anything less will be eaten up by this thing.

As for the things that I don’t like about it, which are more personal issues, are actually minor things. Such as..

-The color is a little obnoxious, but you’ll never mistake it for someone else’s camera for sure.
-Autofocus is just odd to me, but I use Manual.
-Neither of the lenses go below f4.0, which is a little disappointing. But for the price, acceptable.
-I’m a little wary of just putting it in my backpack, I’m afraid of anything breaking (mostly a lens). I’d invest in a case for it as well.
-Does not come with any UV filters. Pick some up at a local photo store for each lens, and if offered, have them put them on. The filters will protect the lenses from any sort of damage. A filter is cheap to replace. A lens could cost as much as the camera.
-It’s digital. In this age, I should accept this, but if you really care about photography, find an old film camera and shoot a few rolls of film. Learn to love an old camera, see the world in an analogue style.

Like I said previously, this is a great camera for beginners and hobbyists alike, but I’m a film person. This will satiate the digital aspect of photography, and with room to grow farther into this field. If you are a beginner, I’d suggest something a little less intense, and if you’re more advanced, save up a couple hundred more and get a Nikon D90. Great camera for the price.

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