Made a near-pro out of me, imagine what it’ll do for you!

.!! You Need to Check this Nikon Digital Camera 18 70mm Nikkor

Nikon Digital Camera 18 70mm Nikkor

I’m a writer and an art student, and have always appreciated fine photography but never learned to do it myself. I put off taking my own pictures most of my life, forever plagued by forgetting to adjust F-stops, and thick glasses on my dominant eye. I couldn’t focus with the glasses, and darn sure couldn’t do without them. Then I ran into a pro, (well actually he came along with a reporter to an interview) and he was carrying this Nikon D-70. After buzzing a few questions by him, I was sold. He told me he only carries the D-70 and one other for backup, a different model with a huge lens for long-distance shots. This camera is the best! Only one slight note of caution–I got Adobe Photoshop Elements and prefer it to the software that comes with the Nikon. The D-70’s size feels just right to me, ( a rather middle-sized woman) not too heavy, but not so light it’s likely to be forgotten or misplaced. The auto focus AFS Nikkor 18-70 lens is worth the extra bucks for ease and sharp focus/re-focus in seconds. I worried this might be another gadget I’d get bored with after a few weeks of messing around, but it has become my new best pal. I take it everywhere, and have caught some astounding still shots that actually have artistic value. The menu is easy to learn; the timer and all other bells and whistles have been a blast, too. Just open the box and start taking pictures. This is a fantastic intermediate camera.

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  1. Rebecca Donaldson

    I am a photography major who is just looking to get a more professional grade camera and I need to get a simple lens that can be dynamic in it's use.

  2. Kenneth Dudley

    I have a Nikon D50, and i want a new camera, so will all the lenses i have for it work with the new Nikon cameras???

  3. Dan Hoover

    I want to get my wife a really great optical camera. She has a digital — Leica Digilux already. She would like to upgrade her optical SLR.

  4. Katherine Mayo

    I have a nikon D90 which came with a Nikkor 18-105mm lens. I am after a better lens and was just wondering what is the best all rounder? I have heard quite a few people mention that the Nikkor 18-200mm is pretty good. Any other recommendations?

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