Portable Games : Beach Head 2002

You can play this Portable Game : Beach Head 2002 on your PC without the need to install. Portable Games : Beach Head 2002 story : Your job is to defend an assigned inland defense perimeter, protecting a command post to repel expected ground and airborne assaults. Attacks come from airlifted troops, armored personnel carriers, tanks, Cobra helicopters, jets, and more. Battle through both day and night scenarios utilizing the limited ammo given you to survive!

Beach Head 2002 features:

Day and Night Fighting with search lights and flares

Realistic physics and motions

Special forces night attacks!

Smart troops and realistic soldier action (with sophisticated soldier animations)

Air support (B58 bombers at your command)

Blue-print precise realistic defender weapons (M60 general purpose MG, twin barrel 30 cal AA gun, 75mm AT cannon, .45 handgun, and Gattling gun).

Blue-print precise realistic enemy weapons (MB78 main battle tank, APC Fuchs with gun turrets and missile launchers, Cobra attack helicopters, CH53 Shercoskys, F101 jet fighters and C-130 Hercules transport aircraft).

Realistic battle sounds and special effects (Dimensional sound effects for distance and battlefield depth).
Full Version Features

  • Unlimited play on up to 5 computers – you own the game!
  • Instant activation so you can play right away with no additional downloads required if you have the trial installed!
  • No shipping, waiting or CD-ROM necessary.
  • 48-hour money back guarantee
  • Unlimited gameplay, fight this intense war whenever you feel the need!
  • Instant activation, no more downloads
  • Unlimited number of levels!
  • Air support at your command
  • Use infrared, search lights, flares, and special forces!

Download :

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