Super Mario Bros

Playing Super Mario Bros. X (SMBX) is like playing several classic Mario games at once. Combining elements from SMB 1, 2, 3 and SMB World, SMBX provides a truly unique side scrolling Mario experience. Play as Mario or Luigi in any of the three adventures offered. With all of your favorite power-ups and characters (including Yoshi) this game brings it all in one completely free package.

More Classic Mario Bros Action

Bowser is at it again and its up to you to help Mario and friends rescue the Princess from his evil clutches. Run and jump your way around a variety of enemies as you explore three unique episodes: The Princess Cliché, The Great Castle Adventure, and The Invasion. Gain the help of four classic and three new Yoshis as you collect stars and defeat Bowser in order to save the Mushroom Kingdom.

Addicting Platforming Experience

Super Mario Bros. X plays exactly like any other Mario Bros. game with scrolling-platforming action. The controls are very simple with one button that allows you to run and another which lets you jump, while the arrow keys set your direction as you navigate the many dangers on each level. Collect mushrooms to grow bigger and allow you to take two hits before losing a life, fire flowers to shoot fireballs at your enemies, feathers to get the raccoon suit and fly, plus many new power-ups.

Good Family Fun

Super Mario Bros. X is a great game to work on your platforming skills, hone your eye-hand coordination, and is great for kids of any age. The addition of a convenient split screen two player mode, with a dynamic screen that seamlessly splits and combines as the players separate, means you can bring along a friend or family member as you explore the Mushroom Kingdom. With a huge world containing over 60 levels and the addition of an editor that allows you to create your very own levels and share them online, there are hours of enjoyable gameplay to be found with this title. If you are a fan of this classic game series or just looking for a great gaming experience, download Super Mario Bros. X for free and put an end to Bowser’s tyranny today!

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