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My Review on Nextbook Premium 8 Inch Android Tablet

Nextbook Premium 8 Inch Android Tablet

I thought long and hard about waiting to look at the next generation of the iPad, and at the competitors that are coming out. However, I decided to go ahead and buy the iPad now, partially because I hate to wait for anything…

What I’ve learned so far about the next generation of the iPad is that it will have two cameras, a flat back, even better resolution, and it will be faster.

Two Cameras: First of all, I can’t imagine using this large (for a camera) as a camera, especially since I have both a Nikon DSLR and a Nikon point-and-shoot. I will use the iPad for a lot of things, but have no need for it to be a camera. I do see the use of the camera with Skype or some other such service, but I have that capability on my desktop computer and don’t use it, so I don’t think I would use it on the iPad either.

Speed: I don’t doubt that it will be faster, but the iPad I have is so fast, it’s hard for me to see the advantage in waiting for one that’s a little bit faster. I also understand that much of the speed will be used to run a high-resolution screen which probably will negate any apparent gains in operating speed.

Resolution: I also don’t doubt that it will have a high-resolution, but again, the resolution on the iPad I have is so high, I have doubts that I would be able to tell the difference.

Slimmer Size: slimmer is better, but my iPad is quite slim as it is, so once again I didn’t think it was worth waiting for.

Other Models: There a lot of models that have arrived already, and will be arriving in the near future. However, if the iPad versus other brands turns out like the the iPhone and iPod versus other brands, they won’t match the refinement, ease-of-use, and overall exceptional quality of the iPad. I have a Droid X and I like it a lot. It does everything I wanted it to do, and I’m satisfied with it. However, the Droid X is a Dodge Viper, mean looking and loud, while the iPhone is a Mercedes, sleek, powerful and efficient.

The iPad comes out with a new model about once a year. The second-generation model will have incremental improvements, but the third-generation coming out about a year will likely have major improvements. The model I have just might wind up on eBay if that’s true.

One further comment on waiting for the Next Great Thing, if you do, you’ll wait forever because there’s always something bigger, faster, and better coming down the pike.

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  1. Miguel Moss

    My dad just bought me a Nextbook Premium 8 SE tablet. I didn't know he bought it and I never really heard anything about Nextbook until yesterday. My dad bought it really cheap it was around 100 something originally around 400. So I read comments and tried to find reviews about it online and people don't like it and there's no android market I heard. If it was me I probably wouldn't have bought it until I did research on others but now I have it. So before I make a decision to return it Id like to know what are the best tablets out there and is Nextbook any good?

  2. Rosalyn Mullins

    Planning to buy a Tablet that is cheap and best

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